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​Dual wield

Nito Tenshin Ryu

About dual wield

About Nito Tenshin Ryu

Modern two-sword swordsmanship that blends with nature and unleashes sensibilities

Features of dual wield

Characteristics of Nito Tenshin Ryu

Like the Kenbu Tenshinryu, the Nitotenshinryu is also characterized by a soft and artistic expression that makes you dance with a sword.

We aim to develop a healthy body and a healthy soul through free expression that awakens sensibilities, and to acquire the flexibility to adapt to any age.

By comprehensively studying the soft and flowing movements and the ideas and skill development methods of the Tenshin-do, you will be able to obtain the effects of natural movements and techniques with beautiful flows. Also, by learning the way of the sword, you will learn the Japanese view of life and death from ancient times, and it will be an opportunity to deepen the ideological philosophy of life as well as physical skills.  

At Nitoten Shinryu, it is important to cultivate sensibility through training, deepen exchanges with friends and learn from each other, and cultivate movements that do not rely on muscle strength. While feeling the comfort of moving the body, we pursue receptivity like the mother earth and movements that enhance the vitality that each person originally has.

We hope that each person's individuality will shine through the lessons, and that each flower will bloom freely in joy.

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