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​Kenbu Tenshinryu

Kenbu Tenshin Ryu

About Kenbu Tenshin Ryu

About Kenbu Tenshinryu

Modern swordsmanship that blends with nature and opens up the infinite possibilities of the body


Kenbu Tenshinryu has a long history of Japanese martial arts, based on the mental and physical development physical technique " Tenshintaidou (former: Shintaido)" that Hiroyuki Aoki (Kenbu Tenshinryu Soke) founded in the 1960s . It was created by integrating the essence of ancient martial arts by various schools, and further integrating the body art-like expression that dances softly and beautifully with a sword.

(Practice started in 2008)


The martial arts technique, which was a tool for battle in ancient times, promotes the physical and mental health necessary for modern humans, enhances communication skills, opens up a happy life for humans, and also with nature and the universe. Kenbu Tenshinryu has transformed into a tool for connecting.


Currently, it is enjoyed not only in Japan but also in France, Italy, the United Kingdom, Brazil, the Philippines, Nepal and other parts of the world, and one of the attractions is that you can interact internationally with a wide variety of background friends through Kenbu.

Characteristics of Kenbu Tenshin Ryu

Features of Kenbu Tenshinryu

Bring out natural movements, softness and flow like dancing with a sword

The characteristics of Kenbu are the patterns and techniques that brighten and purify the world, and the artistic expression that makes you dance softly with a sword.

We aim to develop a healthy body and a healthy soul through free expression that awakens sensibilities, and to acquire the flexibility to adapt to any age.

The practice of Kenbu Tenshinryu is composed of powerful techniques while having a soft and flowing natural movement.

Generally speaking, "Iaido," "swordsmanship," and "martial arts" tend to make you more conscious, but even if you say martial arts, baseball, golf, or swimming, you can get good results unless the movement is soft and flowing. not.

At Kenbu Tenshinryu, you will be able to obtain the effects of natural movements and techniques with beautiful flow by comprehensively learning soft and beautiful movements and the latest skill development methods.

Also, by learning the way of the sword, you will learn the Japanese view of life and death from ancient times, and it will be an opportunity to deepen the ideological philosophy of life as well as physical skills. 

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