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About Tenshinkai

About Tenshinkai

The Tenshinkai, a general foundation, promotes mental and physical development, health development, and liberation of individuality through the " Tenshin Taido " (former name: Shintaido) founded by Hiroyuki Aoki, and promotes the mind, technique, body, spirit, and soul. The purpose is to contribute to the development of comprehensive human education that nurtures.

The activities of the Tenshinkai started in 2002, the "NPO Tenshinkai" was established in 2005, and then the "General Incorporated Foundation Tenshinkai" was established in 2010 . We continue to contribute.


board member

Chairman Hiroyuki Aoki General Incorporated Foundation Tenshinkai

Director / Secretary General Akiko Yoshida

contact address

TEL      045-642-8474



2002  Start activity

2005 Established "NPO Tenshinkai"

2010  Established "Tenshinkai Foundation"



General Incorporated Foundation Tenshinkai

By learning and practicing "Tendo", we will build a healthy and happy life both physically and mentally.

The purpose is to contribute to society with gratitude.

Education business

Tenshinkai Board


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