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What is Tenshindo?

About Tenshintaido

"Tenshin Taido" was created by the founder Hiroyuki Aoki.It is a general term for various lessons developed based on " Tenshin Thought ".

Originally, the founder Hiroyuki Aoki studied various traditional martial arts and meditation methods such as karate, aiki jujutsu, and stick art, and integrated their essences in the 1960s as a new martial arts technique that was more in line with the times. It is a modern martial art that was founded.

Tendo has the character of extremely developing human physical abilities, and by applying and developing it, various current training events have been developed based on Tendo. (Since Tenshindo does not compete with others, we do not play games or competitions.)

Currently, Tenshinkai offers classes on Tenshin Taido (formerly Shintaido), Kenbu Tenshinryu, Dual Wield Tenshinryu, Tenshin Lecture, and Tenshin Calligraphy .

Although each type of training in Tenshin-do has its own system, it is all developed on the common foundation of "Tenshin-do" based on " Tenshin thought ", which awakens the naturalness of the body. It is a way to learn from the wisdom of the body and creatively grow and develop the mind, body and spirit.

The way of life that blends with Tenshin is exactly what we are .


Purpose of Tenshintaido

The purpose of Tenshindo

Naturalness / divinity

We receive the wisdom that the pattern teaches while learning the "way" through the body, and we originally have it.

Revives naturalness and divinity.

Through that process

Of our life

"Road" and "True Self"

It regains the original state of unity.

The way of creation

Through practice

A sense of unity, liberation, in mind and body

Awakening , pleasure, etc.

The truth of things will look right.

Therefore, Tenshin Taido aims to purify and grow the soul while gaining the health of the mind and body, and aims to live a "one-of-a-kind" way of life.

It is a way and a way to create a richer life by practicing it.

Joy and growth

As a person with heavenly freedom

It is a product of that "ki"

We serve love and society

Each person does what he or she can do

Your love and joy grow

I will mature it.

Melt with the whole sky

Open your heart softly

Melting into one with the whole sky,

Get true freedom,

Living in harmony with people

Learn how.

Meanwhile, healthy and healthy

We will create the mind, body and spirit.


About Tenshin Thought

Tenshin Philosophy

"Tenshin Thought" is an idea advocated by Hiroyuki Aoki, and all the lessons of Tenshin Taido are based on Tenshin Thought.

In Tenshindo, the energy that fills the universe (Amitaba, Amita Youth, Amida Buddha) with infinite space and infinite time, and the great life energy is called "Tenshin".

"Tenshin" has long been a god, Jehovah, Allah, spirit, ki, sky, nothing, road, Sophia, Brahman, Daruma, Hagion Pneuma, Biroshana, Dainichi Nyorai, Tenno Gochujin, the universe. Although it is called variously such as God, it is all the cosmic energy of God who created the universe.


That energy creates the whole universe, that is, everything that exists in this world, and is abundant in everything , thereby giving us life. All lives are connected ("Immediately all, all immediately one"),

We will learn the way of life of "Tenchi people cracking one" through the body in the Tenshin Taido.

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