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About Tenshintaido

About Tenshindo

Natural body Free heart Lively life

Originally, the founder Hiroyuki Aoki studied various traditional martial arts and meditation methods such as karate, aiki jujutsu, and stick art.

It is a modern martial art that was founded in the 1960s as a new martial arts technique that integrates those essences and is more in line with the times.

Currently, the name of "Tenshin Taido" is by the founder Hiroyuki Aoki." Tenshin Thought "

It is used as a general term for various lessons developed on the foundation .

Tenshin-do has the character of extremely developing human physical abilities,

By applying and developing it, various current training events were developed based on the Tenshin Taido.

(Since Tenshindo does not compete with others, we do not play games or competitions.)

Currently, at Tenshinkai, Tenshin Taido (former: Shintaido), Kenbu Tenshinryu, Nito Tenshinryu,

We have a Tenshin class and a Tenshin writing class.

Each of the various trainings in Tenshindo has its own system, but all of them

It was developed on a common foundation called "Tenshin Taido" based on " Tenshin Thought ".

Awaken the naturalness of the body, learn from the wisdom of the body,

It is a way to creatively grow and develop the mind, body and spirit.

The way of life that blends with Tenshin is exactly what we are .

In the Tenshin-do class, "Tenshin-do" is a common foundation for all classes of the Tenshinkai.​ of

Under the guidance of the chief instructor of Tenshin Taido, Mochizuki Wiwson , the basic teachings, movements, and patterns.

You will carefully acquire those essences while experiencing them all over.

The content of the physical skills learned in "Tenshin Taido" is also the basis of Kenbu Tenshinryu and Nitotenshinryu.

In addition, in the Tenshin Shoho and Tenshin lectures, we also perform gymnastics and meditation that apply the movement of "Tenshin Taido".

This class is especially recommended for beginners to directly learn the essence of Tenshin Taido.

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