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 Founder of Tenshindo
Hiroyuki Aoki

Tenshintaido Founder Hiroyuki Aoki

Hiroyuki Aoki Profile

About Hiroyuki Aoki 


Born in Yokohama.

He was much weaker than a toddler and was a crybaby.

Experience the death of a mother, two older sisters, and three younger brothers by the age of nine.

With the intensification of World War II, he left his parents and evacuated to Ami Town, Tsuchiura City, Yugawara Town, Kanagawa Prefecture, and Yahiko Village, Niigata Prefecture.



Read the Bible and lean towards Christianity.



Entered the Faculty of Law, Chuo University. Officially joined Christian Protestantism.

While attending school, he was the captain of the karate club for the second consecutive term.

At the request of Shigeru Egami, a teacher of Japanese karate, he teaches karate in various places.



Graduated from the Faculty of Law, Chuo University.



Married to Etsuko Ishide, a member of the speech department at Chuo University.



Shigeru Egami of Japan Karatedo recommends it to the highest rank of the 5th dan, but declines.



In search of a new era of jujutsu, about 30 excellent martial arts researchers were gathered to form the "Rakutenkai".



From about 3 years of intense training, he founded "Shintaido", a body art for comprehensive human development that lives in the present age based on karate and Aiki Jiu-jutsu, and also created a "Japanese stick art" system.



Experience the absolute nothingness that says, "Everything is completely nothing. Everything is in absolute nothingness."

It breaks out of the world of religion, martial arts, and painting.



Formed a comprehensive martial arts federation. Later renamed to the International Shintaido Federation.



The first Shintaido popularization trip. France, UK, USA, Mexico, etc.

After that, he frequently goes to various countries around the world for guidance.



Shintaido will be presented to scholars around the world for the first time at the Tokyo Convention of the International Society of Human Psychology.



Book: "Shintaido-The Birth of the Greatest Physical Skills of the Century" (International Shintaido Federation)



Completed stick art (including 50 throwing techniques) and nourishing training in Sao Paulo, Brazil.



Performed as a representative of Japanese martial arts at the Japan-France Cooperation International Symposium "Science, Technology and the Spiritual World" (at Tsukuba University). Participated in the world's first experiment to measure the brain waves of a martial arts person who moves violently, and shed light on "offensive and defensive integration" and secret technique "distance hitting", and became the forerunner of the ki boom.

Since then, he is widely known both inside and outside the country as a martial artist of Ki.



Panelist and performer at the Kyoto Conference of the International Transpersonal Society.

The first waterfall meditation was conducted at Pent House (Kodansha). Since then, he has visited waterfalls in various parts of Japan and worked on the development of "healthy waterfalls" so that anyone can do waterfalls.

Book: "The Body is the Message of the Universe" (Jiyusha)



The Japan Chapter of the International Shintaido Federation has been renamed the Shintaido Association. The International Shintaido Federation (ISF) was established as a formal international organization.



He was awarded a PhD in Literature from the Haven University of California Theology in recognition of his epoch-making achievements in "the founding of a physical technique that opens the mind and develops spirituality-a new body way".

From around this time, he gradually retired from the front line of Shintaido activities and entrusted him to the next generation.

Became president of the International Meditation Academy.

While conducting research on folk medicine around the world with President Hisako Hara, he held a seminar tour.

Meet Father Candito Sammonte, a Qigong healer, in the Philippines, where he visited for research. While deepening friendship, he touched on the living conditions of poor Filipinos and started donating clothes and daily necessities.

Book: "Dancing in the Light" (Shintaido Association)



Space Kanshokyo

Book: "The Horizon of Life that Pioneers the Body" (Tenshinkai)



Featured in the winter waterfall meditation in the overseas version of NHK's "Amazing Microcosm" Human Body "".



Participated in the Bokuseki study group "Brush Zenkai" (Zen, martial arts, calligraphy study group "Terayama Tanchu Roshi") learned from Kukai and Tetsufune, and served as an advisor. (1993-2004)

Book: "Shintaido-Potential Development Jiu-Jitsu" (Gakken)



Feeling the need for educational support for children living in mountains of garbage and children in poor rural areas, we established "3H Scholarships" in both Japan and the Philippines. Started educational support for elementary school students in poor families in the Philippines. (Scholarship support for 20 years from 1994 to 2014)

Book: "Opening the way to create a way" (Toyo Keizai Inc.)



Shintaido was selected as the research theme for the New Year's study session in the House of Representatives and performed at the chairman's residence.

Book: "Living Day Shining Day" (Kinkasha)



Held solo exhibitions of books at Yokohama Sogo, Shinjuku Sunroute Hotel, etc.



Book: Declaration of "New Body Principle" (Business-sha)

"Shintaido-Physical Techniques to Open Wisdom" (Business-sha)


Received the "Great Knight Medal of World Peace Achievement" from the American Academy of International Studies.  


the year of 2000  

Japan's first nationally-budgeted ki measurement experiment was conducted at the National Institute of Radiological Sciences, and the world's achievements in the remote sensing ability of ki were achieved.


DVD: "Shintaido Stick Technique" (BAB Japan)



Graduated from Shanghai University Certified, Chinese Calligraphy Academy Normal Course. Acquired the Chinese Calligraphy Academy Master Certification.

Opened Tenshin Shoho Juku with Akiko Yoshida (certified teacher of Chinese Calligraphy Academy).

Based on his own Tenshin thought and ability development theory, he develops and teaches a calligraphy system that emphasizes individuality and creativity, centering on the classical calligraphy of Chinese calligraphy.

"Tenshin Shoho Juku Presentation" is held every year.  

Started educational aid for Tibetan children.

Received the Silver Award at the "3rd Drawing, Drawing and Print Contest Japan Exhibition" sponsored by the European Art Club. Book: "Natural Body Free Heart" (Shunjusha Publishing)



Established Tenshinkai.

Donated "Love / Prayer" exhibited at the "28th Spanish Art Award Exhibition" sponsored by the European Art Club at the request of the city of Santander, Spain.

This work was performed at the "World Holy Music Festival" (at Hiroshima Miyajima / Itsukushima Shrine) and was performed by trumpeter Tomonori Kondo.



Assistance for the construction of the Miao “Japanese-Chinese Tenshin Shutatsushin Elementary School” school building in a poor ethnic minority district in Yunnan Province, China.

Book: "Meditation Method to Grab Luck" (Seishun Publishing Co., Ltd.)


Year 2005  

Established NPO Tenshinkai with Akiko Yoshida, the secretary general of Tenshinkai.  

Changed the name of "3H Scholarship" to "Tenshin Scholarship".

Held "Tenshin Shoho Juku Taiwan Rinsho Exhibition" at "Chinese Kai-shek Memorial Hall" in Taiwan.

DVD: Shintaido-Glory of Ki (Quest)



Opened a meditation college.

The world cultural heritage of Xian'an Kusado Temple in China, "Hatomara House Rito", is a flat-framed "Troublesome Immediate Bodhisattva".  

Held the "1st Japan Tenshin Shoho Juku Xian Beilin Exhibition" sponsored by Tenshin Shoho Juku at the Chinese Xian World Cultural Heritage "Xi'an Beilin".  

Assistance for the construction of the Bai “Japan-China Friendship Elementary School” school building in the poor ethnic minority district of Yunnan Province, China.  



Assistance for the construction of the Yi “Hakuun Elementary School” school building in a poor ethnic minority district in Yunnan Province, China.  

At the 9th Asia Arts Festival held in Nantong City, Jiangsu Province, China, he was selected as one of the four representatives of Japan in the calligraphy section and invited by the Chinese government.  



Became an emeritus professor at Jinan Private School of Calligraphy, Shandong Province, China.  

In front of the Dewa Miyama Haguro Five-story Pagoda, he performed, called, and dedicated swords at "Blowing the Earth" sponsored by trumpet player Toshinori Kondo.

Work on the development of sword technique (sword art) for modern people.



Since the basic system was almost completed, the official name of the sword technique was changed to "Kenbu Tenshinryu" and monthly training started. Dedicated performance at "Tenkawa Benzaiten".



Established Tenshinkai Foundation.

The activities of "NPO Tenshinkai" will be transferred.

Officially launched Kenbu Tenshinryu.



Started volunteer support for "Areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake and victims".  


year 2012  

The entire Kenbu Tenshinryu training system is completed.

Participated in a calligraphy exhibition and performance at the "Bodhi Tree Festival" as a cultural exchange between Japan and the Czech Republic. Visited a local elementary school and taught calligraphy to 60 students.

Opened Tenshinkan Dojo in Iidabashi, Chiyoda-ku.



Changed the trade name of Tenshinkai Co., Ltd. to Tenshinkai Co., Ltd.

Experience the transition from the spiritual world of absolute nothingness to the world of golden plum peach cherry blossoms.

Participated as a health gymnastics instructor at the "Boys and Girls Gathering" sponsored by Daigoji Temple, a World Heritage Site in Kyoto.

"Reihokan" Kenbu performance in front of the national treasure Buddha statue.  

Appeared in Kenbu at the "60th Anniversary of Japan-India Diplomatic Relations" at the Indian Embassy.



Participated in "Samurai and Calligraphy Exhibition" in Turin, Italy. Visited an elementary school and taught calligraphy to 120 students.  

Dedication performance of "World Peace and Memorial / Prayer" will be held at Okinawa Manzamo, Chinen Cape, Sefa Utaki, and Shurijo Castle Square.

"Kensei, Kamiizumi Nobutsuna" Bodaiji Performed a supporting performance at Nishirinji Temple in Maebashi City.

Tenshinkan Dojo is closed.



As an emergency support for the victims of the Great Nepal Earthquake, we called on the Tenshinkai Group and friends to donate various daily necessities.

Dedicated performance of "World Peace and Memorial / Prayer" at "Omi Shrine" and "Udo Shrine" in Miyazaki Prefecture.

Announced "Tenshin Thought" that summarizes the life of martial arts in 1965. Feel the fulfillment and completion of your physical fitness life.



At the time of the "Kenbu Tenshinryu International Seminar 2016" held in Ishikawa Prefecture, Kenbu members who participated from Italy on Tokyo TV "Why Did You Come to Japan?" Will be featured and the entire training camp will be aired.

Dedicated performance of "World Peace and Memorial / Prayer" at "Juzo Shrine" in Wajima City, Ishikawa Prefecture.

Dedicated performance of "World Peace and Memorial / Prayer" at "Izumo Taisha" in Shimane Prefecture.



Twelve wise men from all over the world have been selected as one of the masters of the "The Twelve and Above Wisdom Council" (World Meditation Council) sponsored by the Le Ciel Foundation in the United Kingdom, who have the wisdom of nature to save humankind on earth. Hold a meditation meeting at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.

Appeared on the TBS TV program "The World Unknown To Matsuko". Demonstrate the "distance" that defeats the opponent by manipulating the spirit.

"Tenshin Thought" is translated into English and French.



At "Kawaguchi Asama Shrine" in Yamanashi Prefecture, a dedication performance is held to pray for "world peace and people's happiness".

Continuing from last year, 120 innovators, investors and influencers from 37 countries were invited to participate in the "Holistic Vision Symposium" held by the LeCiel Foundation in the United Kingdom in Barcelona, Spain as one of the masters.


Performed a dedication performance to pray for "world peace and happiness of people" at "Iseyama Kotaijingu" in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture.

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