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Tenshin Shoho Juku

Tenshin Shoho Juku





A new style of calligraphy class that evolved Chinese calligraphy

Tenshin Shoho was developed by Hiroyuki Aoki in 2002 by applying Tenshin Taido to calligraphy.

It is based on " Tenshin Thought " as well as various physical techniques of Tenshin Taido.

At Tenshin Shoho Juku, from the Chinese calligraphy classic "Monument" that begins with the oracle bone script 3,500 years ago.

You will learn the basics with 10 typefaces, and then deepen your research on free books.

Correct and traditional calligraphy, free art calligraphy full of individuality,

Bokuseki with eternal depth, healthy and intelligent educational calligraphy, etc.

So that each student can find a way to go by making the most of his or her individuality.

We will provide guidance and support.

"The heart blows through the heavens and the earth, blends with the heavens, and becomes able to write such letters."

It is the practice of Tenshin Shoho Juku that continues to practice.


Use a brush constantly in your daily life and draw lines to deepen your spirituality.

Learn and obey the great cosmic truth and the abundance of nature,

I hope you will create a better life.

Recommended for people like this

・ Write letters with a brush

   People who like 

・ You can write letters with a brush

   Who wants to be




・ Book as lifelong learning

   Those who want to learn

・ In the future, calligraphy classes

   People who want to open

・ Self-development in search of a way

   Who wants

・ Unification of spirit through books

   Who wants to ask

・ Beautiful "your character"

    Who wants to write in

・ "Be yourself" full of Ki

   People who want to write "Iji"


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