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Tenshin Shoho Juku

Tenshin Shoho Juku



Unlike the calligraphy practiced all over Japan, the books of Tenshin Shoho Juku are based on the orthodox calligraphy that has been passed down since ancient times in China.


In particular, until he became a master, he thoroughly performed classical calligraphy, and masters such as Yoshiyuki Wang (303-361), Chu Suiliang (596-658), and Yan Zhenqing (709-785) became the golden rule of calligraphy. We strictly adhered to the "autographed Nakamine", made the posture a regular three-dimensional shape , and started with a different way of holding the brush, which is called the "turning arm method" . I write it as if I were pushing a seal into the seal, or by driving a cone deep into the sand and tearing the sand .

By standing the trunk and brush straight and raising and lowering the brush sufficiently to write a calligraphy, we aim to be able to write good works as in the heavens.

This is consistent with all ten typefaces, from the oracle bone script when Kanji was born about 3600 years ago, to the golden, stone drum, seal script, clerical script, wooden bamboo script, chapter grass, regular script, semi-cursive script, and cursive script.


Based on these, the practice of Tenshin Shoho Juku is to continue practicing so that "the heart blows through the heavens and the earth, blends with Tenshin, and becomes able to write such characters ."

Fusion of Tenshindo and calligraphy

At the beginning of the calligraphy practice, a bow is given, and while sitting in a chair, light flexible exercises are performed, and the posture is corrected and meditation is performed using one of the "decathlon meditation methods" (meditation methods performed in ten different patterns). increase.

And when the time comes, Tenshin Goso (one of the basic types of Tenshin Taido).

After awakening with various manifestations and functions of the "true self" that is integrated with the fundamental truth of the universe, we will begin writing.

When it is over, after the five phases of Tenshin, we will perform no phase, light emission, and zenith, and thank you in the gassho position to finish.

Learn from the oracle bone script according to the history of the calligraphy

After joining, I will start from the basics department, and for about 6 months I will mainly study how to draw lines.
After completing the basic course, you will learn the model of the 24th lesson from the oracle bone script to the cursive script according to the curriculum of the main course (10th to 1st grade).

All are modeled after Chinese classics, and you will learn directly from the model of a Chinese master calligrapher.


After completing this course, you can proceed to the advanced course (lifelong learning) and the normal course (acquisition of a teacher, opening a branch classroom) if you wish.




​Practical skill









Main course



​Practical skill



For those who have completed the basic course.

While writing the books of Chinese calligraphers in history, we will learn "five major elements of calligraphy (writing method, fine, chapter method, writing force, Shen Yun)" and others.

We will also promote mental unification and learning how to breathe.

Starting from the oldest script of the character "Oracle bone script", it progresses to the golden script, the stone drum script, the seal script, the clerical script, the wooden bamboo slip, the chapter grass, the regular script, the semi-cursive script, and the cursive script in chronological order.

By thoroughly writing the masterpieces of each era, we will approach the mystery and secret.

After completing the first lesson, you can register for the grade and move on to the next assignment (model).

After completing all the courses of this department, you can register for the first stage and advance to the advanced course / normal course.

  * Course 24 of this course / Progress is done at your own pace.

Advanced course
Normal course


For those who have completed this course.

・ Advanced course

You can study books as lifelong learning while further improving your technical skills and expressiveness.

・ Normal course

We will provide guidance to acquire a teacher's title and have a branch classroom to become an instructor.

An example of a written task
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