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Tenshin Shoho Juku

Tenshin Shoho Juku




Hiroyuki Aoki

Road number: Tengai

Hiroyuki Aoki

Writing history and award history

Participated in the "Brush Zenkai" (Zen, martial arts, and calligraphy research group "Terayama Tanchu Roshi") learned from Kukai and Tetsufune.  

Graduated from Shanghai University Certified, Chinese Calligraphy Academy Normal Course. Chinese calligraphy master. Former adviser of Bokuseki Research "Bokuzenkai".


2001 "Selected for the Paris International Art Exhibition"

Selected for the 2002 Japan-France representative artist France exhibition, internationally recruited drawing, prints, drawing contest (first prize in the ink elephant and calligraphy category), and calligraphy art association exhibition.
The works exhibited in the "Japanese Contemporary Art and Calligraphy" exhibition (at Spain) are stored in the State Capitol at the request of the Chairman of the Cantabrian Parliament.

In 2004, it is stored in the National Taiyuan Museum of Art in Shanxi Province, China, and the Xixia Museum of Art.

In 2007, he was invited to the "Asian Art University" in Nantong, China as a representative of Japanese calligraphers. "Troublesome Immediate Bodhisattva" is posted at the Mausoleum of Kumarazibar, a world cultural heritage site.

Held solo exhibitions at Tokyo Prince Hotel, Shinjuku Sunroute Hotel, Arcadia Ichigaya, Yokohama Sogo, Shirakawa Echigo Family (sponsored by Yomiuri Shimbun, Mainichi Shimbun, Fukushima Television, Fukushima Broadcasting, Fukushima Minposha, Shirakawa City, etc.).

In addition, he is active as an invited artist at numerous international calligraphy exhibitions.

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