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Tenshin Lecture

Tenshin Koza

About Tenshin Course

About Tenshin Koza

The Tenshin Lecture (formerly Meditation College & Aoki Method) was opened in 2004 by Hiroyuki Aoki applying Tenshindo to meditation, and is based on " Tenshin Thought " as well as various physical techniques of Tenshindo. increase.

In the Tenshin course, while deepening learning through lectures in various fields (philosophy, psychology, history, culture, art, etc.), "movement meditation" to move the body and "quiet meditation" to sit in a chair are performed. increase.

You will experience a deeper world of meditation by combining "moving meditation" and "quiet meditation".

Meditation goes into the very deep part of the mind (the unconscious area), stabilizing the mind, purifying the soul, keeping the body healthy, strengthening concentration, promoting self-growth and transformation, and interacting with others. It has the power to develop and improve various abilities such as smooth communication.

It can also brighten and sociable introverts, improve relationships, and resolve unexplained suffering, sadness, loneliness, self-loathing, dissatisfaction and hatred of others. You can also.

Furthermore, for those who practice physical skills (sports, martial arts, etc.), you can not only relax and perform powerful skills, but also experience "mind and body, self and others" through meditation.

With meditation, which can be said to be a mountain of treasure, there is a place where everyone can develop the ability to realize their dreams brightly and refreshingly.

This is a Tenshin course.

Meditation is a treasure trove


Lecturer Hiroyuki Aoki in various fields (philosophy, psychology, history, culture,

Lectures on art, etc.).

Dynamic meditation

By Tenshindo

Soft exercise.

Quiet meditation

On a chair or lying down

Quiet meditation to perform.

"While incorporating heavenly gymnastics, anyone can easily do it at home and it is very effective for health.

Although it has become stiff, it can be unraveled and blended into the deep truths of the heavens and the earth, and gains the utmost peace.

It may even quietly enter the inside of one's heart and unfold an infinite world of emptyness.

We must give up our greed and grow by being grateful and loving.

Let's spend beautiful days with Tenshin as a flower that decorates our lives with "love and gratitude".

Always try not to be captivated by possession or power, rich, natural,

I want you to go every day to lead a noble and deep life. "

Hiroyuki Aoki

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