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​Kenbu Tenshinryu

Kenbu Tenshin Ryu

Our Practice


Tenshin Thought-Basic Thought of All Practices-
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The practice of Kenbu Tenshinryu is based on " Tenshin Thought" (proposed by Hiroyuki Aoki).

"Tenshin" is the universe and the energy that fills it, and the purpose of the Kenbu Tenshin style practice is to integrate with the Tenshin energy, thereby gaining true freedom and living in harmony with people. ..

The sword technique created to realize this "Tenchi people cracking unity" is Kenbu Tenshinryu.

Comprehensively nurture the mind, body and skills
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In the training of Kenbu Tenshinryu, according to the original curriculum developed by Soke Hiroyuki Aoki, by combining the training of "Tenshin Jyusou", "Tenshin Taido Basic Physical Technique", and "Kenbu", the mind, body, and body We will comprehensively develop and nurture the techniques.


These elements promote "quiet and dynamic meditation," "Qi exchange," "mental growth and self-expression," leading to deep and natural spiritual unity.

In practice, there is a wide variety of practice methods, such as kumite that is performed in harmony with the other party, as well as kumite that is performed in harmony with the other party, and kumite that develops into a new world with each other by vigorously interacting with each other. This is also one of the attractions of Kenbu Tenshinryu.

Through training, you can experience harmony and harmony with others, deepen your self-gaze, and grow, so that each person can develop the ability to create a rich life.

Curriculum that is easy to get started

With "Tenshin Jyusou" and "Tenshin Taido Bodywork", you can hold a sword with a fully loosened mind and body, and learn various patterns, movements, and kumita swords (using wooden swords).

There are various types from beginner to advanced, short to long, and you can learn the supple and flowing circular sword technique that makes the best use of the curve of the Japanese sword.


The sword technique begins with a very easy technique such as courtesy. Gradually, you will learn various methods of pulling out swords, basic types, high-difficulty combination techniques, brave and lively continuous sword-drawing types, sword dances that allow you to express yourself beautifully, and sword-shaped swords that perform with a sense of unity with your opponent. increase.


In normal training, we perform joint training centered on basic gymnastics, basic gymnastics, and basic sword skills included in the above-mentioned "Tenshin Jyusou" and "Tenshin Taido Bodywork". It loosens and activates consciousness and five senses.

After that, you will be divided into different grades and practice the molds to make your body supple and use it in a well-balanced manner while carefully learning the molds.

For the regular examination, each student will also have a step-by-step lesson to accurately learn and prepare for each dan level.

With such a unique curriculum, we will create a flexible and healthy body, efficiently use the body, and comprehensively acquire beautiful and correct techniques and patterns.

The Kenbu Tenshinryu has a rich curriculum to ensure that the lessons are stepped up and developed in this way.

Rehearsal scenery

Tenshin Jyusou


Wakame gymnastics


Fluid kumite


Bag bamboo sword training (2nd dan and above)

Simulated sword training

Bokken practice

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